Whenever Auto Repair Or Services Are Needed, We Get Customers To Call Your Shop Directly From The Front Page Search Results Of:

We Install Google Analytics In Every Page Of Your Website

Where do your customers come from? How long do they stay reading the content in your site? Is the marketing copy on your web site failing to motivate the consumer to call your shop?


If you donít have the answers to those questions, then there is something wrong. You need to realize that having a web site without having the means to analyze where your traffic is coming from and whether they are staying long enough to at least read what you have to offer is practically worthless. Google Analytics allows you to log on to your site with us and visually check everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site.

We target what your shop specializes in to get you the quality customers that are looking for those specifics.


You barely have time to run your business and now you have to worry about keeping track of your website! No you donít, we do it all for you. We optimize your site using the keywords that will target whatever your specialty might be. Whether you specialize in European cars or only do brakes and alignment we choose the keywords that people most commonly use to search for any of those special categories. We then proceed to install Google Analytics and track the results you will be getting by analyzing the traffic data generated from your site. If we find that you are not getting the results that you should, then we tweak and tweak those keywords until you get the traffic you deserve.


Google wants you to succeed!

Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way.

Is Your Shop In Southern California?

We are the creators of www.ocautoservice.com, auto repair service directory, that has been servicing the Southern California area since 2001.


If you own a shop in So Cal you can take advantage of our Pre National Special. Your shop will be found in our directory, right on the front page natural (organic) search engine results of all Major Search Engines in all the Counties we service.


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